PG Accommodation

Leaving home for the first time? Need some guidance to find the best PG Accommodation For Girls In Shakarpur Delhi? Shree Durga PG For Girls has some surfeit AC/Non AC rooms that offer you a great level of comfort without breaking your banks. We keep the needs of the working women or students in our mind and make the arrangements accordingly, so, they won’t feel discomfort.

Our Working Women PG Accommodation Have The Following Amenities To Offer:

  • Good Housekeeping: Keeping the hostel, clean is our responsibility to maintain a hygienic environment around, thus, we offer the best housekeeping services all day long that take care of your needs and keep the rooms and overall hostel clean.
  • WIFI Connectivity: We provide 24*7 uninterrupted internet access to keep you connected in today’s internet-obsessed world.
  • Green And Natural Surrounding: Our Single/Sharing PG Accommodation not only offer you modern and high-tech amenities, but also give you access to natural surrounding that gives you peace of mind. There’s ample open space in the building and more than 200 plants planted across the building for fresh air, beautiful view and calm environment.

No matter, whether you are looking for PG accommodation for single person or twin sharing basis, we promise that you don’t get disappointed either. Contact us now for a safe and comfortable stay away from the home.

Comfort Without Spending A Fortune

You might find the best PG that satisfied all your requirements and then breaks all your hopes with a single slash of skyrocketing charges. We have identified this mismatch between your requirements and your affordability. We offer you this dream of a deal with all imaginable facilities at a range that doesn’t blow your budget.

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